The week in ideas, December 21, 2012

Tip pooling might be a bad idea. Begging for business might be a good one. Keeping your mouth shut can also be a good idea. Telling cops they can’t eat at your restaurant is never a good one. But none of that matters because the apocalypse is today. Hope you have your promotion lined up.

Idea #1: Tip pooling is illegal. A worker-owned restaurant in Ohio is getting its wrist slapped for pooling tips and sharing them with cooks, dishwashers and other non-servrs.

Idea #2: Beg for business.Pete's Drive-In in Roseburg, Oregon, was struggling. Employees went behind the owners back and posted on its sign, “Help us stay open, please eat here!” It’s working.

Idea #3: Keep you mouth shut. Sometimes it’s the best way to go. Especially if you’re like this operator in Austin, who thought he should speak up after the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy with this Facebook post: "I don't care if a bunch of white kids got killed. Fuck Post-Racial bullshit. When kids from minority groups get shot, nobody cares…" His restaurant has been shut down.

Idea #4: Serve cops. Another bad idea. Whatever your views are about cops, don’t tell them they can’t eat at your restaurant. It won’t turn out well.

Idea #5: Apocalypse promotions. A Last Supper in Minneapolis. The Last Friday at TGI Fridays. And more end of the world deals.







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