The week in ideas, February 13, 2012

The NRA pulls out some new Valentine's Day research. We learn how to pick restaurants based on astrology. And some workers show a robber some pre-Valentine's Day love in the form of a can of oven cleaner.

Idea #1: State the obvious. In a recent press release, the National Restaurant Association stated: "While dining out remains a popular choice for Americans to celebrate Valentine's Day, new National Restaurant Association research shows that nearly one-third would also like to receive a restaurant gift card on February 14."

Idea #2: Complain offline. Sure, all the cool kids go online to unload on companies that have wronged them. A New York City restaurant went old school, putting it right up on the window.

Idea #3: Use astrology to pick a restaurant. Aries likes steakhouses. Cancer likes comfort foods. Etc.

Idea #4: Your new anti-theft weapon—oven cleaner. A guy pulls a gun on some workers at a Utah Mexican restaurant. One of the workers sprays the robber in the face with oven cleaner and he hits the floor.




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