The Week in Ideas, February 4, 2013

This week: fighting the flu, naming your restaurant after a skinny doll, putting Rush on a diet and bouncing back from your closed restaurant.

Idea #1: Fight flu. Pro-labor restaurant organizers ROC make the case for crimping the flu epidemic by giving restaurant workers paid sick leave.

Idea #2: The Barbie restaurant. A themed restaurant built around the iconic doll opens in Taiwan.

Idea #3: No racists. A Mexican restaurant in Florida has a strict “no racist” policy, claiming it will not serve anyone it knows to be racist. Last Thursday they refused to serve Rush Limbaugh, who reportedly had quite the temper tantrum. [Editor's note: Looks like the Week in Ideas fell for it on this one. Much like the Chinese newspaper that ran a story from the satirical newspaper The Onion thinking it was real news, we ran this story from The Current, yes, thinking it was real. Oops. We apologize to our readers and to Rush.]

Idea #4: Can’t beat ’em, clean ’em. A Palm Beach restaurant operator lost his business during the recession. But he’s come up with a way to stay in the industry and make a go of it: he’s got a business that cleans restaurants now. The businessman, Tyler Smith, says he’s found success because he knows what restaurants need.


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