The Week in Ideas, July 30, 2012

This week we have thieves caught on camera; a restaurant making money off some unfortunate publicity; a new term is coined for late-night diners; and, as always, mountain lion urine.

Idea #1: Install cameras. Two restaurants learned their value last week. One caught a guy stealing $1,000 worth of equipment from behind the restaurant. Another caught a couple of pick pockets red-handed.

Idea #2: Make money off a murder. Vitello's auctions off the booth Robert Blake and his wife sat just before she was murdered in the parking lot.

Idea #3: Cut in to the Fourth Meal. Hmm, maybe Taco Bell was on to something when it targeted the late, late crowd. McDonald’s is going after them now too, and—per “Fourth Meal”—it’s coined its own term with its own new turn of phrase: "nocturnivore."

Idea #4: Mountain lion urine on the menu. Coyotes are showing up behind the parking lot of a Quincy, Massachusetts, restaurant, so the owner is pulling out the big guns.

Idea #5: Don’t kick out a customer with a  service dog. Especially when the customer is also a war veteran. Not good PR.


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