The week in ideas, March 5, 2012

We go international this week: A new “caveman” take-out restaurant in Copenhagen. A London restaurant gives would-be brides an assist. Chicago restaurants create international menus. And an Atlanta pizza place addresses the international issue of crying babies.

Idea #1: Eat like a caveman. When you think of caveman fast food you think of brontosaurus burgers, right? Or the big side of ribs that makes your car tip to one side when it’s delivered at the drive in. The car you push with your bare feet. Well, it’s not that. A new take-out joint in Copenhagen, called Palæo, has taken inspiration from the trendy “caveman diet,” which consists only of foods cavemen would theoretically have eaten. It’s a lot like Atkins: no bread, no dairy, lots of meat, veggies and berries.

Idea #2: Cater to the internationals. Chicago restaurants are coordinating a strategy to generate excitement—and revenue—during the upcoming NATO and G8 meetings being held there. Restaurants are producing special menus during the gatherings, highlighting international cuisine. They are getting consultation from international and local chefs. The state restaurant association has developed a dining incentive program, where customers who eat at three of the participating restaurants enter to win a prize.

Idea #3: Leap Day marriage promotion. So you won’t be able to steal this idea for another four years, but anyway, here it is. Tradition has it that the only appropriate day for a woman to propose marriage to a man is Leap Day. London-based steak chain Beefeater Grill jumped saw a promotion opportunity. It designed special heart-shaped brands with the words “Will you marry me” in the center of the heart. Before a steak is presented to a would-be groom, the chef brands the steak, and the woman’s desire is made known.

Idea #4: Deal with the brats. A new note at the bottom of the menu at Grand Central Pizza in Atlanta: “Dear all present and future patrons: GCP is proud of its reputation as a family restaurant, a title that we will work to keep. Unfortunately a number of our diners have posted unpleasant experiences because of crying and unsupervised children. To ensure that all diners have an enjoyable lunch or dinner with us we respectfully ask that parents tend to their crying tots outside.”




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