The Week in Ideas, October 5, 2012

McDonald’s continues its transparency campaign. An idea that tells us the beer industry has run out of ideas. New Yorkers let us down. And a robber has a bad idea.

Idea #1: Be transparent. McDonald’s Canada continues its fascinating and out-of-character transparency campaign, releasing a video showing how the chain’s burgers are made.

Idea #2: Bull-testicle beer. Oh, come on. Have we really reached the bottom of the barrel in new beer ideas? We’ve got make beer from testicles? We’ll pass on these beer nuts.

Idea #3: Everyone eventually betrays you. Even when the economy collapses, when it seems everybody is giving up on eating out, there’s always been one group we could count on: New Yorkers. Their tiny kitchens and master-of-the-universe lifestyle has always led them to eat out more than other groups. But news has just come through that our old friends have stabbed us in the back: for the first time in 30 years New Yorkers are eating at home more than they are eating out. Jesus wept.

Idea #4: Robbers do the darndest things. An employee of a Wendy’s restaurant in Douglasville, Georgia, showed up for work a few minutes early this week, parked his car in his usual spot, wore his uniform under his black coat, went in and robbed the place at gunpoint. On his way out he took off the mask he was wearing, got back in his car and left. Needless to say, his co-workers knew who he was and cops caught up with him soon after.


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