The new division is intended to fill a gap in the Baltimore marketplace created when local seafood specialist Poseidon Seafood went out of business in November, the article said.

Based in Buckhannon, family-owned Wendling Food Service has long supplied state restaurants and cafeterias with meats and other food products, but the partnership with the Baltimore companies enables them to supply fresh seafood from international and coastal waters.

"Baltimore is the gateway. It's right in the middle of the eastern seaboard," said Willy Hughes, category manager for PierFresh in the Charleston Gazette’s report. "It comes straight down I-95 from New England and up 95 from Florida and the Carolinas. They (the suppliers) put it together and ship it straight west into West Virginia."

For the past two months, Wendling representatives have met with area chefs to see what interests them and what they might order. They've worked through logistic and communication issues, and will place their first official orders next week, said Chris Wendling, president of Wendling's Food Service.


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