What the public's saying about McD's new pub burger

News of McDonald’s new test burger spread quickly through the blogsphere today. Because bloggers stumbled across at least two markets where the new English Pub Burger is being tried, there’s no doubt as to the composition of the item: A one-third-pound Angus patty dressed with grilled onions, steak sauce and Dijon mustard, served atop an “artisan” bun, in keeping with the fast-food trend of using better bread.

Here’s a sampling of what observers had to say online about the sandwich:

It doesn’t suffer from the abundant saltiness of the current Angus Third Pounder line-up.  Rather, the blend of the steak sauce and Dijon mustard give it a tangy punch, the grilled onions are actually buttery and savory, and the artisan roll is fresh, bakery-quality, and toasted perfectly.  Add the two cheeses and the bacon to the mix, and, though we have a “busy” burger with a lot of ingredients, each definitely discernible (this is no one-note flavor profile), the interplay between everything is really concordant.  This burger just works and tastes unlike anything I’ve ever had from McDonald’s.
--James, GrubGrade, grubgrade.com

The mixture of cheeses gives the same cheesy flavor that all burgers have, but give a surprising twist with the added cheddar. I, for one, am not a fan of onions, but the grilled onions on the burger taste great.
--Within the Empier, theempier.tumblr.com

Essentially, the English Pub Burger is a tarted up Angus Third Pounder burger, to borrow a saucy English expression.
--BurgerBusiness, burgerbusiness.com

American cheese, even their interpretation of cheddar, is soapy, tasteless, fluorescent orange fat-mush. If they really want to do traditional English pub food, they’d be selling curries.
--Avon Barksdale, Bitterwallet, bitterwallet.com


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