Will work for food

The Employee Gift Certificate is good toward a meal and/or beverages in your restaurant. It is given to any employee as a reward for a job well done or a performance that went above and beyond the call of duty. 

The certificate is designed so that you can set some parameters, such as the amount they have to spend, how it can be used (meals only, drinks only, guests or no guests) etc.

What does the employee get?
These are great motivational rewards for employees who can't afford to eat in your restaurant beyond the employee meal provided, or who rarely enjoy your restaurant's hospitality from the guest's point of view. This might also give them insights into how they can improve their own job performance — from food presentation, to service techniques, or any other contributions to the overall dining experience.

What do I get?

  1. An easy way to reward employees that doesn't cost you much at all.
  2. Enlightened employees who will learn something about your food, your service, and how to make their own job better.
  3. A communication tool. As one of the requirements for redeeming the Employee Gift Certificate, ask the employees to give you feedback on two things: what they liked best about their meal, and what they learned that they didn't already know.

How do I start?
Design a simple certificate with spaces for the date, employee name, authorization, check boxes for the various parameters you wish to set, and a signature. Keep it general so you can use it in a variety of situations. Print copies on your letterhead, and keep them handy so you can offer them anytime you feel someone deserves a treat.

Download a ready-to-print version of the Employee Gift Certificate so you can start today!


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