Zoes Kitchen debuts employee support program

Zoes Kitchen has started a charitable program that provides monetary grants to employees who experience unforeseen emergencies that they are not prepared to deal with financially.

Named The Goodness Fund, the nonprofit organization is funded through Zoes Kitchen employees with the company providing an initial monetary contribution. Employees can donate to the program through an ongoing payroll deduction or through the POS system at the restaurant. All employees are eligible to apply and potentially receive a grant regardless of whether they have donated to the program.

“As a people-first company, we strive to put ourselves in our team members’ shoes, listen to their needs, and add value to their lives,” said Kevin Miles, CEO and president of Zoes Kitchen, in a statement. “The purpose of The Goodness Fund is to support our company’s commitment to a people-first culture, while giving our team members an opportunity to experience delivering goodness firsthand during times that they need it the most.”


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