The young foodie

Day 1
For breakfast I had Norwegian style scrambled eggs with an English muffin and homemade rosehip jelly. Accompanied by a Ritual blend coffee. (picture) Ritual coffee was one of the coffee vendors my father and I discovered while traveling in California. Had to have it in our own home. I’ve been drinking coffee for probably about the past three years. Most of my friends drink coffee. We go to coffee shops in the morning or around 3:00 in the afternoon, after school. I like the local coffee shops more than Starbucks. Bard, Coffee by Design.

Had an Autumn Gobbler Sandwich—turkey, lettuce, mayonnaise and warm stuffing—from a local restaurant named Anthony’s. Having unique sandwiches like this makes Anthony’s one of the first places that comes to my mind when looking for a bite to eat. It makes it stand out more than other restaurants do. A lot of places just have burgers or a turkey club. The fact that they have these unique ingredients and it’s good, that draws me in.

Among most of my friends, we’re all pretty adventurous as far as food goes. I think living in such a diverse city like Portland with a wide range of restaurants helps.

Day 2
I had chicken curry over rice with a steamed teriyaki pork bun and a taro bubble tea from a local restaurant called Bubble Maineia. (pic). I love going here not only because the food is great, but also because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that can only be found in a locally owned restaurant where a certain community of customers exists. I’ll go in and they know my name. They know what I like. If they have anything different on the menu they suggest it based on what I’ve gotten in the past. That personal touch separates it from other restaurants.

Day 3
Went to Chipotle and got a burrito with pork, black beans, brown rice, salsa, lettuce and cheese. This is one of the few non-local restaurants that I enjoy because they have created the perfect mixture of quick, quality food. It feels fresher. I know they have that kind of sustainable style, but I haven’t paid much attention to it.

Day 4
Lunch was a broccoli and mushroom pizza from a local bakery called Scratch. They have a similar personalized feel to Bubble Maineia. There’s a community that goes there. The employees know the customers, but the customers know the customers, too.

Day 5
Chipotle burrito for dinner again. Going twice in a week isn’t common, but when I go in that direction of town, that’s what I think about eating. Plus, my cousin was in town and she doesn’t get to go to Chipotle.

Day 6
Lunch was Veggie Pazo bread from Amato’s, an Italian-themed eatery based in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I enjoy Amato’s because they are able to create a similar environment to Bubble Maineia, where customers are known on a first name basis.

Day 7
Went to two places today I usually wouldn’t go to. Lunch was a sub from Quizno’s with steak, pepper jack cheese, black olives and pickles. Dinner was a Ruby Tuesday’s blue cheese burger with lettuce tomato and fried onions. In both cases I went because it’s where other people wanted to go. I was with a group of co-workers who all wanted Quizno’s. Then my dad wanted to go to Ruby Tuesdays because he had never been there before. If I’m with people who want to go to places like that I’ll go.


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