Is your staff giving you a bad reputation?

Afraid a night of poorly prepared food is destined to give your restaurant a bad reputation? Think again. Opinion Research Corporation of Princeton, New Jersey, discovered through its 2007 “Ouch Point” study that the majority of grievances stem from interactions with impolite waiters or misleading hosts.

Reputation spoilers 

Customers report what negatively impacts their dining-out experiences:

  • Rude waiters—25%
  • Hosts or Maitre D’s who underestimate waiting time—20%
  • Slow service—15%
  • Poorly prepared food—10%
  • Cold food—10%
  • Being ushered out of the restaurant after paying the check—3%
  • Dirty menus—2%
  • Fast service—1%

Surprisingly, 55 percent of 18- to 24-year- olds cited rude waitstaff as their main complaint, while only 32 percent of those over 65 felt the same way. “We all live in a hectic world filled with stress. Eating out at your favorite restaurant should be an antidote to the daily grind,” says Jeffrey T. Resnick, president of Opinion Research USA. “A waiter or waitress can make or break the experience and as our survey shows, even trumps quality of food.”


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