Yum’s big Super Bowl reveals: Earth keeps rotating

taco bell quesalupa

After weeks of buildup, Yum BrandsTaco Bell chain revealed during yesterday’s Super Bowl that its blockbuster new product is the Quesalupa, a mashup of a quesadilla and another signature product, the Chalupa. The item’s major difference from past Taco Bell’s products seems to be the inclusion of stringy, stretchable cheese similar to what’s found on a pizza.

The product was unveiled not long after another Yum brand, KFC, announced the job of impersonating founder Colonel Harland Sanders in commercials had been reassigned from Norm MacDonald to fellow comedian Jim Gaffigan. Gaffigan will be KFC’s third mock-Colonel this year, filling the shoes first occupied by impressionist Darrell Hammond.

Taco Bell acknowledged that its new product had become the “worst kept secret,” despite such ploys as redacting the press release that was issued several weeks ago to tease the Super Bowl announcement. At that time, the chain said its secret product would be the most exciting food announcement in the brand’s history.

The Mexican chain invited customers who were curious about the big reveal to pre-order the mystery item sight unseen last week so they could try it before the rest of the world learned what the product was. Yum has not disclosed how many customers took advantage of the pre-order offer.

KFC did not advertise during the Super Bowl, but it hinted last week that a major announcement would be made amid the hoopla preceding the big game. It also aired a commercial showing MacDonald waving goodbye.

Gaffigan is known primarily for his standup work and TV specials. His act often touches on the weirdness he spies in certain food products, like the Hot Pockets retail snacks.


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