The 1% Solution

Do you think you could operate 10% more efficiently? Most operators do. What's your professional goal this year?  Would you like to improve your bottom line by 1% or more? One point on the bottom line can equate to big dollars. 

Trade Secrets let us share some of our best ideas and techniques for running a successful foodservice business. Trade Secrets are unique in two ways. First, every Trade Secret has been tested in a real foodservice operation. No pie in the sky theories here.

Second, unlike many other web sites and trade publications, we don't just talk about problems; we give you a tool, technique or tactic that you can use right away to address the problem.

Here's an example.

A compilation of exit interviews from a nationwide survey indicates that the number one complaint among foodservice employees is a lack of communication. Start off the New Year by improving communication and encouraging feedback from your employees. They can give you invaluable information about your menu, your customers, your management style, service and training systems.

Our Crew Feedback Card is a five-question survey that gives you instant feedback. Your employees will appreciate that you take the time to ask their opinions. In addition to improved employee morale, I guarantee that you'll learn something about your business. You'll gain insight on where to focus your attention to make incremental improvements in your operation.

We've developed a set of four downloadable Crew Feedback Cards , each with different questions. Just print them out and make copies for everyone in your operation. You can distribute one each week during the month of January and use the results to help you develop a plan for 2000. Or you can distribute one per quarter to be used as a mini business evaluation.

Remember to let your staff know that their opinions count by sharing the responses from the Crew Feedback Cards, and what steps you plan to take.

Good luck! You've taken the first step toward achieving your goal of 1% improvement on the bottom line.

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