5 fastest-growing delivery orders

fast food pile

Betting types might want to put their money on mac and cheese as the dish most likely to bump pizza as America’s go-to delivery order. Unless, of course, they think oxtail has staying power.

An analysis of delivery orders placed through GrubHub during the first 11 months of 2016 reveals that mac and cheese was lugged from restaurants to consumers’ homes 373% more times than in the same stretch of 2015.

But that was hardly the only comfort food to be handed through customers’ doorways. Delivered orders of oxtail, presumably in soup as well as other forms, jumped in number by 161%, according to GrubHub.

Here are the five orders placed through the delivery clearing service that increased the fastest in number from January through November.

  1. Mac and cheese – 373% increase
  2. Chicken and waffles – 234%
  3. Tonkotsu ramen – 223%
  4. Southern fried chicken – 218%
  5. Oxtail – 161%

Source: GrubHub


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