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5 Hot Markets in Asia

5 Hot Markets in Asia

Pizza Hut

​​​​​​​Concept: Yum Brands’ quick-service pizza chain

5 Hot Markets in Asia


Concept: Quick-service fried chicken chain

Concept: Quick-service coffee-cafe chain

Concept: Quick-service burger chain

​​​​​​​Concept: Quick-service burger chain

Concept: Full-service family-dining chain

​​​​​​​Concept: Quick-service coffee-cafe chain known for its coffee, doughnuts and frozen yogurt

Concept: The namesake brand of Jollibee Foods Corp. is a quick-service chicken chain known for fried chicken, gravy-topped burgers and other platters.

Concept: Quick-service burger chain

Concept: Jollibee Foods Corp.-owned quick-service specialty chain known for cakes, pastries and other baked goods

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