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"A Deeper Dive" is a weekly podcast from Restaurant Business dedicated to going in-depth on the most pressing challenges and opportunities restaurant operators face today, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Maze.

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“Menu Talk”, formally Menu Feed, is a weekly podcast hosted by Pat Cobe of Restaurant Business and Bret Thorn with Nation’s Restaurant News.

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"Restaurant Rewind" is a weekly podcast hosted by Editor-at-Large Peter Romeo as he looks at the people, concepts and trends that helped create the restaurant industry as we know it today.

Working Lunch

Working Lunch is a podcast from Align Public Strategies devoted to explaining the so what and now what about key issues impacting the restaurant and retail industries.

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Pricing has driven restaurant sales growth for the past 2 years

The Bottom Line: Restaurant sales have grown for most of the past two years. But they haven't kept pace with menu price inflation, suggesting the industry is saturated again.


Restaurants can learn some foodservice tricks from supermarkets

State of the Plate: Nancy Kruse, RB’s menu trends columnist, says grocers are stepping up their game, and restaurants need to keep up.


So you are opening a restaurant in a Walmart? Good luck with that

The Bottom Line: The retail giant is adding regional restaurant chains to its stores, giving them some key exposure. But there are some real drawbacks to pay attention to.

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The pizza chain is thriving again, generating more traffic, thanks to changes made in Domino’s Rewards last year.

After a successful test in October, Cheesy Street Chalupas roll out Thursday for a limited time.

The company’s same-store sales rose 4.8%, thanks to profitable traffic growth, but its stock plunged amid issues with one of its global operators.

Advice Guy: RB’s operations expert says operators need to be wary of welcoming anything into their restaurant they can’t control.

Restaurant Rewind: The industry has dealt with its share of ridiculous myths over the years. Here's a look at some of the outrageous lies that were eventually swatted down.

The devices will be installed along the I-5 corridor under a deal with Mercedes-Benz. When those chargers are up and running, the coffee chain would sport chargers at 1,000 units in total.