Can you take the ServSafe exam in a language other than English?

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I would like to take the ServSafe exam in Japanese. What should I do?

– Tomoyuki Tahara, Kitchen Manager, Toridoll Dining, Alhambra, Calif.


Your question raises a great reminder. For those who have more comfort in a language other than English, be sure to ask for your food safety and sanitation exam, whether it’s ServSafe or another approved program, in your best language, if available. As a bonus, non-English exams are often printed with the English and translation side-by-side, giving examinees an additional opportunity to understand the question.

According to the National Restaurant Association, ServSafe exams are available in English, Spanish and Chinese for the online exam and English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French Canadian and Japanese for the print exam. Be sure to talk to your instructor or proctor from the outset so they can order the exam in your preferred language; it usually takes a couple of weeks.

In my experience, there are two common problems, both easily avoided by doing your research and communicating in advance:

  1. Examinees show up to the test without prearranging and assume that they can take the exam in the language of their choice.
  2. Examinees do not realize that they can ask for the exam in a different language. They fail in English, but might have passed had they taken it in their native language.


Best of luck on the exam! More on food safety and sanitation certification here.

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