Ahead of rumored all-day breakfast rollout, McDonald’s makes switch to real butter

butter block

As McDonald’s expands its test of daylong breakfast, it’s changing the way it cooks items containing English muffins, biscuits and bagels— scrapping liquid margarine in favor of real butter.

Signs posted in some McDonald’s locations are advertising the nationwide change, according to CNBC, and are meant to tout the “real dairy” aspect of the switch while alerting customers who can’t consume items prepared with dairy products.

The real-butter rollout will occur once locations deplete their supply of liquid margarine, CNBC reports.

McDonald’s did not respond to Restaurant Business’ request for comment by posting time.

The fast-food giant recently expanded its all-day breakfast test to include about 230 restaurants in Kentucky, Tennessee and San Diego, and will reportedly roll out the service nationwide as soon as October. A recent report showed McDonald’s could get a sales boost by serving Egg McMuffins all day, to the tune of about 2.5 percent per year.

As part of its ongoing turnaround effort, the chain has made several adjustments to the way it prepares menu items, including toasting buns longer, changing the way it sears and grills hamburgers and increasing the size of its Quarter Pounder patties.


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