Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings to merge

The $2.9 billion purchase of BWW by Roark Capital will turn Arby's Restaurant Group into a two-brand operation headed by Paul Brown.


What’s the next restaurant chain to be swallowed?

Restaurant dealmaking is at its highest level in 11 years. The transactions record could be shattered if these blockbuster acquisitions, already the subjects of Wall Street speculation, should go down.

The agreement is intended to grow Burger King’s presence in the United Kingdom.

A number of successful individuals and companies are trying the other side of investment negotiations.

Deal also includes Hurricane's new fast-casual spinoff.

The U.S. chains were the latest acquisitions by a Canadian concern with more than four dozen QSR brands.

The husband and wife team who started the chain have sold a controlling interest to TPG Growth.

The private-equity company with stakes in chains ranging from Auntie Anne's to Culver's has reportedly offered more than $2 billion.

He'll be succeeded by Blaine Hurst, but will remain involved with the chain while simultaneously serving in a strategic role for owner JAB Holdings.

The acquisition will provide Panera with an entry into nontraditional sites, and reunite management with a brand Panera once owned and operated.