Shareholders vote against J. Alexander's merger

The company says it will focus on organic growth after shareholders block a proposed merger with Ninety Nine Restaurants.


IPic Entertainment closes its IPO

The movie theater-restaurant chain raised less than it originally planned.

Sentinel Capital sold the family-dining chain to the private-equity titan's family office investor.

Marathon Partners accuses J. Alexander's of "manipulation" in its effort to merge with Ninety Nine Restaurants, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The founder of Planet Hollywood is now an activist investor in the casual-dining operator, The Bottom Line says.

A weak stock market has prevented restaurant IPOs for more than two years, says RB's The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line: Industry stocks are up thanks to sales improvement and tax reform, but they lag the broader markets.

A pair of advisory firms are recommending that shareholders vote against the deal.

Ando shutters its New York City operation.

The Bottom Line: Deals such as Arby's acquisition of Buffalo Wild Wings show a shift in investor thinking.