Chipotle turns over burger concept to Richard Blais

The celebrity chef and TV star will assume operational responsibility, freeing Steve Ells to concentrate on his first brainchild, Chipotle.


Remembering Paul Prudhomme’s career

Prudhomme’s 58-year career in the food industry, cut short last week by his death at age 75, changed the American palate and indelibly stamped menus. Here’s, in timeline form, is how it happened.

While the James Beard Foundation Awards typically highlight the best of the best from major food cities around the country, this year’s list of winners read a little differently on the map.

A routine reporting assignment turned into an extraordinary discussion of what the chef saw as the future of the industry—and his life in it.

The killer combo of higher volumes and better margins is luring artistes in whites to bring their culinary skill to the limited-service sector. And that doesn’t mean more burgers.

While not for all, the design can help build connections and provide entertainment—extra incentive to get guests in the door.

No one has ever quit, claims this casual chain—and that includes Not Your Average Joe's tenacious founder Steve Silverstein.

Restaurant menus will be shaped to a marked degree next year by kitchens’ efforts to control food costs, influencing but not supplanting culinary trends.

If you're still on the fence about body art, consider this check of the reality in restaurants today.

Much of the public buzz around tablets refers to front-of-house applications, whether in the hands of a server taking orders or atop a table, loaded with games and self-ordering capabilities for guests.