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Chick-fil-A sues chicken suppliers over price fixing

The chicken sandwich chain identified itself as one of the victims of an alleged bid-rigging scheme.


KFC and Lifetime have created a Colonel Sanders movie, really

The holiday mini-movie features Saved by the Bell actor Mario Lopez in “A Recipe for Seduction” that will appear on the channel Sunday.

The fast casual is differentiating its entry with sourcing, spicing and simplicity of execution.

Few could have imagined how much things would change in just the last nine months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zaxby’s, Church’s and Wendy’s recently joined the battle for chicken-sandwich dominance, but other players got a head start.

As more brands launch delivery-only wing concepts, there’s one big question: Can anybody beat Wingstop?

The battle for the best continues, with the Colonel and smaller contenders joining the ranks.

Golden Chick dedicated resources and R&D muscle into differentiating its new offering.

The chain’s 38% same-store sales growth was one of the strongest numbers in industry history, proving the chicken sandwich was a black swan event, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

Wing Squad will offer delivery from ghost kitchens via the apps of third-party services.

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