Repackaging healthy

While salads remain the go-to healthy choice in restaurants—76 percent of consumers order salads with some frequency, according to Chicago researcher Technomic—49 percent of patrons would like more varied options.

Why you may be giving millennials the creeps

Restaurants' new buzz phrase for capturing consumers is one-to-one marketing--using data captured often without the customer's awareness to personalize a pitch. That snooping and profiling doesn't sit well with some patrons, including our Token Millennial.

Millennial customers may be getting all the attention from restaurants right now, but Gen Z—those 21 years of age and younger—quickly is emerging as a formidable group of consumers.

It’s hard to win in business, especially in the restaurant business, without engaging Hispanic consumers, says Peter Filiaci, VP of strategy and insights/restaurants at Univision.

The coffee giant will have its baristas write the words, Race Together on cups to stimulate the give-and-take. It will also distribute a special supplement from USA Today that looks at racial relations.

McDonald’s domestic comparable-store sales for February fell 4 percent year-over-year, underscoring “the urgent need to evolve with today’s consumers, reset strategic priorities and restore business momentum,” the franchisor said today in an unusually reflective statement.

Snowstorms and frigid temperatures in many areas of the country didn’t prevent the nation’s restaurants from enjoying an uptick in business during February, according to economic indicators released separately last week.

Restaurants’ social-media revenge, a $100,000 love slap, edible cups, Starbucks’ real-estate values and other boons for chiropractors.

Restaurants’ latest outreach efforts take a more nuanced approach to reaching Latino consumers.

Winning means looking at what drives Hispanic consumers’ buying decisions. According to research by Univision, at QSRs, here's what Hispanic diners are looking for.

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