These are the big menu trends to watch in 2024

After scouring dozens of end-of-year industry reports, we gathered the predictions that rose to the top. Here’s what the forecasters say will most impact menus and operations in the year ahead.

Consumer Trends

The holiday season is looking particularly merry for restaurants this year

Projections call for heavy purchases of both on-premise and to-go meals, while consumers are already spending more on gift cards.

As menu prices rise at fast-food restaurants, customers are looking to convenience stores for meal deals.

Restaurant Rewind: Deep-frying a whole bird is no longer a novelty. But the alternative prep method was largely unknown until recent decades. Here's how the process evolved from crazy notion to viable option.

Menu prices are up. Restaurant traffic is down. And grocery inflation is easing. How will Turkey Day 2023 shape up?

More than half of people say they’re getting tired of tip requests as their own finances worsen, according to a new survey.

Lower-income people are clearly pulling back, while higher earners and families show resilience, according to new data.

A ranking of the world’s simplest brands showed that QSRs are excelling as technology plays a bigger role.

Remote work, inflation and even Netflix could be driving consumers to eat dinner earlier, particularly at higher-end restaurants.

Full-service restaurant chains are the most socioeconomically diverse places in the U.S., according to new research. It could help them weather a tough economy.

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