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Highlight Cleanliness To Reassure and Welcome Diners

Where consumers may have been looking for an exciting menu or great atmosphere as their only needs when choosing where to dine, they may now be looking for other things, such as tables with more distance between them, staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) or visible cleaning schedules.


Survey: Expect a big holiday season for restaurant gift cards

Shipping delays, supply chain problems and other issues are potentially leading to a surge in gift card-buying this fall and winter, according to new research from Blackhawk Network.

Consumers gravitated toward higher-end, experience-driven restaurants as they celebrated this summer, but true white-tablecloth places are still feeling the pandemic pinch.

These 10 chains serve the most craveable tacos, according to Technomic consumer data.

Mac and cheese down, broccolini up as restaurants offer kids healthier, more premium choices.

The fast-casual chain, which has done more than $2 billion in digital sales so far this year, launched an expansion of its rewards program Wednesday that offers ways to earn extra points and badges by completing personalized challenges.

As the industry takes another big step toward more automation, consumers are holding back.

A new report from the delivery giant found that many customers favor first-party channels such as websites and even the telephone over third-party ordering.

The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index ranks full- and limited-service chains based on guest experience.

Yelp data found that interest in delivery remains at 189% of 2019 levels, even as people return to restaurants.

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