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Overlooked drive-thru customer: Fido

A new study finds another member of the family has an suspected influence on dining out. Wait until the cat finds out.

Consumer Trends

5 most craveable restaurant chains

Customers share which brands have the menu items they most crave and can’t get anywhere else.

Making sure a dish is delicious and craveable is only a small part of the equation. Here’s a look at what menu-making teams need to consider today.

Customers reveal which chain subs spark their strongest yearnings.

Men and women each reveal which chain limited-time offers they deem most craveable.

Dare I say it? Chicago is a better food town than New York City for millennials.

Technomic forecasts the four ways consumers will impact the restaurant business this year.

Nightmares may not go away for years, as some restaurants learned this week.

Even mild griping can escalate quickly in the age of social media into a business-killing (or building) controversy, as restaurants learned this week.

See what deals operators are unloading for the big feast.

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