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New demands call for shifts from limited-service restaurant operators

Consumers have new expectations and desires from limited-service restaurants, and sales results are reflecting that, finds data from Technomic.

Consumer Trends

Consumers aren’t yet satisfied with snacks—they want more

Overall satisfaction tends to be higher for meals than for snacks from restaurants.

The country’s first Signing Store is scheduled to launch this fall.

Here are the 10 restaurant brands consumers say do the best job of keeping clean.

Changing customer demographics could mean operators need to cater differently to diners, says Technomic.

New Technomic data reveals which brands diners called “dirty,” “greasy” and “filthy.”

Some 10% of millennial diners say they never leave gratuity when dining out.

It looks like Canadian restaurateurs will reap the benefits first, but U.S. operators need to catch up, big time.

Modern kids menus are tempting millennial parents and their children.

Meat-heavy items ranked high among consumers, who revealed the limited-time offers they were most likely to purchase last month.

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