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Emerging Brands

Diners’ picks of 2017’s 100 best restaurants

OpenTable diners reveal which restaurants won them over this year.

Consumer Trends

Consumer Report: How to win Gen Z's loyalty

Which foodservice segments are snagging the attention of Gen Z, the younger siblings of the much-ballyhooed millennials? Their spending power is rising, so how do you capture their attention? Read on to find out.

Millennials are the most reliant on foodservice of all generations, finds Technomic. They also drive off-premise dining, including takeout and delivery.

Consumers share which preparations and ingredients they increasingly prefer for chicken served at restaurants, shows new Technomic research.

And most of the increased business should be incremental, with no loss by traditional leaders like pizza chains.

Consumers rate the brands they see as the top players in takeout.

Nightmares can strike far outside the bedroom, as this week's crop of restaurant versions attests.

As expected, fast casual is still growing faster than other segments, though Technomic recently suggested its growth may be slowed in the coming years.

Hispanic customers who recently dined out with children younger than 18 years old rated their favorite restaurant chains in a Technomic survey. These are the brands currently winning Hispanic family-dining occasions.

Here's how consumers rate various health-related buzzwords.

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