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Coronavirus — Chains


The pandemic has hastened Ruby Tuesday’s decline

The casual dining chain, which has been shrinking for years, has closed at least 150 locations, more than a third of the system, and many will not reopen.


Are restaurants responsible for supplying staff with masks and gloves?

While no one wants added costs right now, the obligation of operating a safe and compliant restaurant falls on the operator, Advice Guy says.

The 115,000 employees currently furloughed will remain out of work until the fall, according to the innkeeper. It’s now offering U.S. employees an exit deal.

Chains are establishing new roles and responsibilities as dining rooms reopen.

The coronavirus crisis has put into stark relief which brands are adept at handling off-premise transactions—and which are not.

The remains of Logan’s, Old Chicago and the holding company’s other brands will be acquired by CraftWorks’ senior lender.

Restaurants in Montana and Oklahoma are restocking the fastest, even as those in West Virginia, Rhode Island and New Mexico are hitting their low points, according to new purchasing data.

The technology enables the store to know when a customer has arrived to pick up an order.

In closing its more than 40 locations, the company said the coronavirus has “decimated” sales.

The increased sales amount to about $900 a day. The added costs can run $500 to $1,000.

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