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Best practices for weathering a second COVID wave

The restaurant industry had never faced a situation like the pandemic. What have operators learned that could help them survive the next onslaught? Here’s what we’re hearing.


At Bruster’s, pandemic demand for ice cream is real

The chain has seen record same-store sales and unit volumes coming out of quarantine, as demand for treats soars.

RB’s The Bottom Line looks at five chains that have been particularly successful at navigating the quarantine.

The struggling sandwich chain returned its PPP money last spring but opted to accept a loan during the second funding round to help it stay afloat.

Sales are recovering slowly, but remain well below last year’s numbers, and full recovery could take time.

Operators are streamlining menus to adapt to pandemic-era dining.

The chain’s revenues fell nearly 50%.

With fewer downtown office workers, many fast-casual chains are eyeing suburban locations or rethinking their business models entirely.

The fast-casual chain joins Shake Shack in offering seasonal fun while building brand awareness for kids and parents during the pandemic.

With leases due, more chains like California Pizza Kitchen could end up filing even as sales increase, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

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