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Restaurant sales are coming back, but the return is quicker some places than others

Restaurants in Montana and Oklahoma are restocking the fastest, even as those in West Virginia, Rhode Island and New Mexico are hitting their low points, according to new purchasing data.


Panera adds geofencing to curbside pickup

The technology enables the store to know when a customer has arrived to pick up an order.

In closing its more than 40 locations, the company said the coronavirus has “decimated” sales.

The increased sales amount to about $900 a day. The added costs can run $500 to $1,000.

The struggling fast casual said it might shutter 100 sandwich shops that were performing poorly before the pandemic as it scrambles to make up ground lost to the impacts of the virus.

The chain is renegotiating rents after its sales plummeted in recent weeks during the pandemic shutdown.

So will Tim Hortons as parent company Restaurant Brands International moves into the next phase of reopening.

The new format, featuring a limited menu and sparse seating, will make its debut this week.

Stores in Texas have generated $20,500 in weekly on-premise sales, even with three of every four seats out of use.

The chain's parent company is currently discussing alternative options with identified parties.

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