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Some of the country’s oldest restaurants are closing permanently

They’ve survived decades of challenges, but these longtime establishments cannot outrun the pandemic.


Meet the gutsy guy opening his first restaurant this summer

Andrew Darneille had to overcome countless obstacles, but he wasn’t going to let a pandemic stop his dream from coming true.

Add to the list of permanently closed concepts a growing number of operations fronted by well-known chefs and stars.

Independent restaurants, many of which have operated for decades, continue to announce permanent closures amid the coronavirus crisis.

One of the multi-concept operator's priorities right now is holding onto year-end holiday bookings.

Mounting financial pressure magnified by the pandemic is forcing widespread closures of mom and pops around the country.

The new RESTAURANTS Act could inject up to $271 billion into the economy.

The government must provide targeted aid for mom-and-pop operations, according to a new report from the Independent Restaurant Coalition.

An upscale restaurant enforces safety guidelines with style and substance.

Around the country, mom and pops—many of which served their communities for decades—are shutting their doors in record numbers.

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