In their own words: Rich Rosendale

on the lessons, the labors and the passions of the restaurant life.

Five Trends Shaping the Food and Beverage Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY (January 7, 2010 - Marketwire)—As the New Year begins, it's the question onthe minds of foodies and food professionals across the country. The...

The Latino cuisine market is still seeing double-digit growth, garnered by the rapidly expanding Hispanic population in the United Sates as well as increased interest by non-Latino fans of the food.

Chefs continue to jump aboard food trucks, taking to the streets with moveable versions of their signature dishes. But the popularity of street foods is spawning a reverse trend, as restaurants adapt iconic items to tabletop dining. Grilled and spit-roasted meats seem to be leading the charge.

We asked some of today’s top mixologists to name their favorite tech tools behind the bar, with the direction that it didn’t have to be electronic.

In just over three years, Rubin has taken Melt Shop from an idea to three units in New York City, with four more slated to open in 2014.

The updates include changes in the chain's catering program, new digital enhancements, and a contribution from a Starbucks veteran who's been brought onboard.

Singly and as a harmonious duo, these two herbs share a rich culinary heritage.

Restaurants turn to clothing designers to create their staff uniforms. Image-conscious operators say it's a way to integrate the food, décor and dress into one polished package that attracts trendsetting diners. As an added perk, staff members are loving the look.

Maybe it’s that warm glow you get looking over a full dining room on those rare nights when everything hums along perfectly. Scientists who spend their lives studying the subject contend that happiness is ...

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