customer service

Recognizing regulars

With hundreds of names and faces filtering through the door every day, committing guests to memory isn't so simple. Here are some steps to follow to boost recognition.

35 things servers do wrong

An informal survey of servers calls out what they feel are the annoying customer-service habits of their peers.

In addition to the technology updates aimed at attracting millennials, the chain plans to launch a frozen-foods line to extend its reach.

Some new restaurants prefer to stay under the radar on opening day, building momentum as they hit their stride. Others open with a bang. The latter was the case when Chicago’s River Roast held its opening party with high-profile Chef Tony Mantuano of Spiaggia fame at the helm.

At some South Florida McDonald's locations, customers are given timers when they pay at the drive-thru window. If it takes longer than 60 seconds to get their food, their next meal is free.

Retirees over the age of 65 bought an average of 193 meals each at restaurants last year up from 171 in 2009, NPD Group reports, with many seeing dining out as a priority.

According to Technomic’s recent 2014 Generational Consumer Trend Report, 40 percent of millennials rate fast service highly important when deciding which QSR or fast casual to visit. But sometimes stats don’t tell the full story.

Dirty utensils and restrooms really get people's blood boiling; confusing who ordered what dish, not so much. A new infographic by Consumer Reports shows the most common restaurant complaints.

Business- crushing lawsuits and tedious rules have some operators debating whether it’s time to topple the practice of tipping completely.

Everyone's a critic; know how to respond to a review, good or bad.

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