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Adding valet service without crashing

Valet parking services may be a must for some guests. Learn how to keep costs under control.


Catching a buzz

When it comes to buzz specifically, it’s about innovation and differentiation, says Chris Tomasso, chief marketing officer of First Watch Restaurants and a board member of the National Restaurant Association’s Marketing Executives Group (MEG).

Wouldn't a list of the service staff's most important duties and responsibilities be helpful? These ten rules will improve service and help increase guest visit frequency.

Early the early days of point of sale systems, the choice of which system to choose was easy to make. There simply weren't many options. But today things are much different, and choosing a POS system is a huge and important task.

How many times will a customer tolerate a problem before he leaves? Ever watch a baseball game? You can pass Customer Service 101 by knowing one thing: Treat customers poorly, and they'll leave you for the competition.

So, you figure that your beverage menu is plenty profitable. The bar is full of coworkers sipping after-work cocktails, folks in the dining room are ordering wine, and specialty coffee sales, well, they’re way up. Your beverage program’s doing just great, right?

ERP vs. WMSAn Enterprise Resources Planning system plans and manages the logical business activities of a distributor (e.g., working up a quote, sales order...

During the lean times of the past couple of years, restaurant patrons have placed a high priority on “value.” However, a recent poll published in American Express MarketBriefing revealed that more customers are responding that “good service” and a “pleasant restaurant environment” are more valuable then “lots of food for a low price”—at least in full-service concepts.

It’s an exciting time in hospitality technology. We’re right on the cusp of some really great game-changers, offering ways to improve the guest experience that we never before imagined. Which ones seem to have more legs than others?

We’ve killed the Monkey. From now on, our site will be known as, playing off its 111-year-old print sister. Call us crazy, but we think that name makes more sense.

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