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Panera Bread connects

High-tech enhancements transform Panera Bread into Panera 2.0.

6 more tips from RLC

Here are 6 stealable ideas from the Restaurant Leadership Conference that can help you grow and improve your business.

While not a completely unfamiliar term, line busting is gaining new currency as handheld devices enable operators to zap orders back to the kitchen from customers queued up at counters and drive-thrus. Part of the time patrons spend standing in line can then be used to prep their orders, moving them through the process more quickly.

Steve Ells shares Chipotle’s high-speed formula, Applebee’s joins Starbucks in making recharging news, possible food safety madness resurfaces and where experts say P.F. Chang’s customer data is for sale.

Ideas flew like golf balls at a driving range during the four days of the Restaurant Leadership Conference. Here are a dozen the editorial staff of Restaurant Business regarded as particularly worth retrieving.

Valet parking services may be a must for some guests. Learn how to keep costs under control.

Moto chef and owner Homaro Cantu was so determined to eliminate the need for a human expediter that he opted to create his own software. Now, nine years and many upgrades later, The Matrix is so advanced that it takes the guesswork out of service, from inventory to timing to guest satisfaction. It’s so all-encompassing, he says, that it eliminates the accountability of human error. Read more about it here.

RLC attendees share their thoughts on what will undoubtedly be a major quest for those who come to Scottsdale Sunday: How to differentiate their brands in the eyes of consumers.

If the staff yells “Nerd alert!” every time you enter the room, read this now.

Approximately 110 million customers' credit card or personal information was hijacked in the Target data breach that occurred this past holiday season

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