A Deeper Dive

“A Deeper Dive”  is a weekly podcast from Restaurant Business dedicated to going in-depth on the most pressing challenges and opportunities restaurant operators face today. Each Wednesday, our audience will hear from restaurant industry leaders – from Chipotle to Pincho Factory and Firehouse Subs to McDonald’s. Deep dives into hot topics, from delivery to discounting and marketing to menu, will give operators the latest information and solutions to drive their businesses. Restaurant Business will also bring you expert industry trends and sales analysis from data partner Technomic, and debates and expertise from RB editors.


How operators can overcome thinning profit margins

A Deeper Dive: Jim Balis, managing director with CapitalSpring and CEO of the operator Sizzling Platter, joins the podcast to talk about the best strategies for dealing with rising labor and food costs.


How restaurants are combatting multiple challenges

A Deeper Dive: Lance Trenary, CEO of Golden Corral, joins the podcast to talk about labor, supply chain and Congress’s failure to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

A Deeper Dive: Christine LaFave Grace, from Winsight Grocery Business, joins the podcast to talk about inflation, its impact on the retail sector, and how it’s affecting consumers.

A Deeper Dive: Terry Walsh, president of Southwest Traders, discusses the driver shortage and other labor issues affecting delivery and how much that is contributing to supply chain inflation.

A Deeper Dive: Jason McGowan, the founder of the fast-growing cookie chain, joins the podcast to talk about the company’s history and how it has so quickly become a massive hit.

A Deeper Dive: Restaurant consultant John Gordon joins the podcast to talk about menu price inflation and whether consumers will ultimately push back.

J.R. Galardi, who took over this year as CEO of the chain’s parent company, discusses the industry’s changes and the pressure of stepping into the top role at a family-owned business.

A Deeper Dive: The podcast features Technomic’s Joe Pawlak, talking about how big chains were able to recover so quickly from the pandemic.

A Deeper Dive: Restaurant Business editors use the podcast episode to discuss their taste test of various virtual brands, and whether they’d order from them again.

A Deeper Dive: Abigail Pringle, president of international and chief development officer for the burger chain, joins the podcast to discuss the company’s expansion strategies.

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