A Deeper Dive

“A Deeper Dive”  is a weekly podcast from Restaurant Business dedicated to going in-depth on the most pressing challenges and opportunities restaurant operators face today. Each Wednesday, our audience will hear from restaurant industry leaders – from Chipotle to Pincho Factory and Firehouse Subs to McDonald’s. Deep dives into hot topics, from delivery to discounting and marketing to menu, will give operators the latest information and solutions to drive their businesses. Restaurant Business will also bring you expert industry trends and sales analysis from data partner Technomic, and debates and expertise from RB editors.


How the restaurant of the future will help, or hinder, customer service

A Deeper Dive: Matt Newberg, founder of the food technology media platform Hngry, joins the RB podcast to talk automation and the future of restaurants. Also: comments on profits, EVs and the weather.


Why culture is so important in a restaurant

A Deeper Dive: Cameron Mitchell, founder of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, joins the RB podcast to talk about building culture, the state of fine dining and chocolate milkshakes.

A Deeper Dive: RB Menu Trends Columnist Nancy Kruse joins Jonathan Maze on the podcast to discuss why plant-based meats haven't quite fulfilled their sales promise.

A Deeper Dive: David Bloom, chief development officer for Capriotti’s and Wing Zone, discusses the chains’ recent combination, franchising and food costs.

A Deeper Dive: Lori Rakoczy, associate principal with Technomic, joins the Restaurant Business podcast to discuss the impact inflation is having on restaurant customers.

A Deeper Dive: John Dikos, CEO of the chain, and VP of Finance and Strategy Adam Sanders join the podcast to talk about the 20-unit chain and its growth potential.

A Deeper Dive: Brett Schulman, CEO of Cava Group, joins the podcast to talk about a wide range of topics, including its rapid expansion thanks to its acquisition of Zoe’s Kitchen.

A Deeper Dive: CEO Bill Phelps and cofounder Arman Oganesyan joined the podcast to tell the story behind the fast casual brand, the country’s quickest-growing restaurant chain.

A Deeper Dive: Michael Swanson, an agricultural economist from Wells Fargo, joins the podcast to talk about the outlook for food costs and industry sales in 2023.

A Deeper Dive: Robert Byrne, director of consumer and industry insights with Technomic, discusses consumer demand for convenience and value and their views on tips.

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