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PETA Launches Campaign to Re-Brand Fish as "Sea Kittens"

To ramp up guilt associated with consuming fish, the group has launched a campaign to rebrand fish as cute, loveable “sea kittens.” Kids (i.e.,...


CHICAGO (April 29, 2010)—Testa Produce had a problem. Each year, the company was using enough pallet-securing shrink wrap to stretch from Chicago to...

Food trucks fill the streets and parking lots of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin and Portland, Ore. Los Angeles alone counts 9,000 food trucks and carts, including branded vehicles from California Pizza Kitchen and Carl’s Jr. Yet when Ray Villaman, moderator of a trucks panel at the Restaurant Leadership Conference, asked who in the audience has or plans to launch a food truck, only a few hands were raised.

One of the bright spots in the restaurant industry is the morning daypart. Breakfast generates $42 billion in annual sales or 12 percent of the industry total, estimates Chicago market consultancy, Technomic.

US Foods has opened a new Chef'store location in Oklahoma City.

After a year of planning, eight months of construction and 1.7 million pieces hauled by elevator, New York City’s Rainbow Room reopened.

Even with small footprints and a strict no-substitution policy, Num Pang has managed to succeed in New York’s crowded restaurant scene, with average unit volumes of about $1.8 million.

Some operators are moving all storage and prep to be customer-facing.

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