Image is everything

Your image is made up of thousands of tangible and intangible impressions — menu descriptions, lighting, table top, employee uniforms, even the attitude of your staff.

News flash

Keeping communication channels open in a busy restaurant is a daily challenge. Multiple shifts, part-time employees and too few hours in the day often cause information to be lost in the shuffle.

Gift certificates are good for business. Follow these simple instructions to increase the number of your guests and the frequency of their visits.

We've all experienced the frustration of sitting down, unpacking the to-go orders and hearing someone exclaim "Hey, this isn't what I ordered!"

Increasing sales of high profit menu items is a goal in every foodservice operation.

Did you know that it costs three times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing customer happy? Guest Comment Cards can help you keep customers.

Strolling into a McMenamin Pub, you're immediately hit with an atmosphere that is nothing like most of its modern counterparts'.

Sandwiches open the gates of creativity.

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