Performance Food Group To Use DNA-based Meat Traceability System for Hamburger

RICHMOND, Va. and LAWRENCE, Kan. (November 30, 2011 - PRNewswire)—Performance Food Group and Kansas-based IdentiGEN, a leader in meat traceability systems,...


Supercharging smoothies: Message in a glass

As evidenced by the sheer number of “veggified” green smoothies sprouting up across the market, better-for-you blends are top of mind for consumers and operators, alike.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest is back on McDonald's case for continuing to use a fryer oil that contains trans fat.

Acute injuries (resulting from a specific accident or event) in this industry have been on the decline, according to the National Restaurant Association. That’s good news, but what’s tougher to measure are the injuries that creep up gradually and tend to get ignored.

WASHINGTON (Nov. 5, 2009)—Children would get fewer French fries and more dark green vegetables in school cafeterias under recommendations being issued...

The rib eye is one of the most popular steakhouse cuts and most fans like it served up simple—well seasoned and broiled or grilled.

Two gluten-free pies will roll out at more than 2,000 stores in late January. The pizza chain is working with the nonprofit advocacy Gluten Intolerance Group to develop protocols to ensure the options are indeed gluten-free.

Q&A with Morgan Spurlock

Nutritionists are placing more emphasis on what we drink and its impact on our health. Here's what you need to know about the health implications of the major beverage categories.

Atkins is over, and South Beach has had its day—but Americans are purportedly more health-conscious than ever before. Following, what you need to know about four major types of diners.

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