The impact of menu design

Menus are a restaurant’s most intimate point-of-sale connection to the customer, yet there is little understanding of how the menu actually impacts consumer behavior. Research conducted at the CIA has taken an evidence-based approach to understanding how consumers interact with restaurant menus.

Nutritionists predict top diet trends for 2015

A survey of 500 registered dieticians suggests consumers will go nuts in 2015, with fondness growing for seeds as well.

This just in! Eating Big Macs and Super Size fries every day will make you really fat!

What to look for when purchasing olives and olive oil—two Mediterranean staples.

NEW YORK, NY (April 13, 2010 - Marketwire)—American consumer awareness of the benefits of reducing salt (sodium chloride) and sodium in their diet has...

Aside from the standard glass of juice or fruit cup, most chain menus don’t offer a whole lot of produce at breakfast.

Whether touting health halos, all-natural ingredients or entirely new better-for-you menus, chains are using health to keep diners coming back.

Many consumers say they want to eat healthier, but what’s really on their minds?

A look at the sense of balance Asian cuisine strives for. Plus the sources of the five big flavors in Asian foods and the impact of religion on the region's dishes.

CHICAGO (May 20, 2010 - Business Wire)—Retail food outlets in a variety of segments have significantly stepped up their efforts to provide new, appealing,...

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