4 tech stars from restaurants' third quarter

These investments may not be flashy, but chains say they're getting the job done.


Potbelly consumers are 'hanging in there,' says CEO

The Chicago-based sandwich chain reported same-store sales up 8%, driven by traffic. That momentum is expected to continue into Q4.

The burger chain said its incentive programs are convincing more operators to build locations, an important goal for a company intent on unit growth.

The burger chain is intent on “cleaning” its asset base, closing weaker stores and remodeling others in a key part of its comeback plan.

The chain saw a marked slowdown after Labor Day and is planning to ease up on price increases to give consumers a break.

The pizza chain, which outperformed its largest competitors last quarter, now gets 15% of its sales from companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

The chain’s U.S. same-store sales rose 8% as more customers ordered more products and more add-ons and its loyalty membership hit a record.

The salad chain expects to open as many as nine of its Infinite Kitchen locations in 2024 while two to four existing units will be retrofitted with the robotic make lines. More are planned for 2025.

The chain said business is returning to its pre-pandemic rhythms: "It feels like a relatively normal year."

The move will help offset some of the $8 million per quarter the chain is spending on better food and staffing.

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