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Feedback from Zagat’s latest New York City survey

The results of Zagat’s 2011 New York City Restaurant Survey revealed that in line with the still sluggish economy, many of the 123 restaurant newcomers are stylistically casual and modestly priced. In addition, Zagat respondents are eating more home-cooked meals and dining out at less expensive, more casual spots.

Louisiana Seafood Going On BP Funded Tour

LAFAYETTE, LA (February 2, 2011)—The Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board' s campaign to improve the perception of the delicacies caught in...

CHICAGO (July 19, 2011)—The decline in seafood servings at U.S. restaurants has less to do with natural and man-made disasters like the Gulf Oil spill and...

CHICAGO (January 26, 2012 - PRNewswire)—The lackluster economy may have dampened growth for the restaurant industry at large, but fast casual restaurants...

Day 1: Spent most of the day hungry. Found a box of granola bars in the work van. Got off work around 5, came home and made dinner. I made a bean salad. It’s cheap, healthy, tasty and filling. I also put a frozen pizza into the oven that I split with my sister.

Advertising characters such as Ronald McDonald that people have been familiar with since childhood continue to affect food decisions once they become adults.

Outsiders are clamoring for a say in what you and your staff should make. Business realities are absent from their prescriptions, but restaurants may not be blameless.

Three corporate stores were shut, and the franchisor says more could follow.

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