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Restaurants added 17,600 jobs last month

But the industry’s rate of hiring has slowed in recent months.


The $15 question

In the fight over minimum wage, the restaurant industry faces an elusive, but highly organized challenger.

Dirty utensils and restrooms really get people's blood boiling; confusing who ordered what dish, not so much. A new infographic by Consumer Reports shows the most common restaurant complaints.

Sales were weaker in developing markets.

The $270.9-billion restaurant sector will grow 3.2% in 2004, up from 2.9% in 2003, according to the annual industry forecast report of Technomic, Inc.,...

WASHINGTON, DC - The restaurant industry remained in a positive position in July, according to the latest results of the National Restaurant Association's...

The NRA's Restaurant Performance Index stood at 101.6 in April, down 1% from its March level. Despite the decline, the Index remained above 100 for the 34th...

The strategic location of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria along the North African coast has played a major role in their culinary legacy.

"This is the first study to reach across the value chain to define the full impact of the industry on the U.S. economy, from the farm all the way through...

WASHINGTON, DC (Aug. 31)—The outlook for the restaurant industry improved somewhat in July, as the National Restaurant Association's (NRA) comprehensive...

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