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Florida's Plant City welcomes Gordon Food Service

PLANT CITY, FLA (August 30, 2010)—A recent ribbon cutting ceremony helped mark the change in ownership at a warehouse that rivals the size of some shopping...

Jeff Harvey’s innovative instincts

Jeff Harvey’s formula for innovation goes something like this: Enthusiasm plus ownership equals creativity and a willingness to take on challenges. Since he’s been at the helm of Burgerville, the 39-unit chain based in Vancouver, Washington, he’s proven the formula time and again, most notably with a seasonal, gourmet LTO program that hit its stride this year and saw the company improve its new product introduction time from 12 months to 6 weeks—and helped keep sales from declining in the down economy.

The lending needed to open or buy franchised businesses this year will fall about $2 billion short of demand, thwarting the creation of up to 80,000 jobs at restaurants and other enterprises, according to new research from the International Franchise Association.

Presidential candidate Herman Cain will address his former colleagues in the restaurant business with a kick-off presentation at the 2012 Restaurant Leadership Conference, the annual top-to-top event of Restaurant Business and Monkeydish.com.

Saber, who joined Panera in 2003 after a 17-year run at McDonald’s as a franchisee and senior corporate leader, posed a question that ultimately led to Panera Cares, the company’s groundbreaking pay-what-you-can business model designed to “share the warmth” with those less fortunate.

MILPITAS, CA (May 10, 2013 - PRWeb)—Sourcing from local growers when possible and maximizing delivery routes, kept food distribution company Daylight...

One-percenters may not be the ideal customers their income would suggest.

The disruptors that didn’t make our list provide interesting commentary on the state of the restaurant industry and the factors poking their fingers into the mold. Here are a few more ideas we kicked around.

Who said established restaurant brands can’t be daring tradition breakers? Olive Garden, Burger King, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Chipotle took risks that made us do a double-take this week.

The industry added no jobs amid a tight labor market and weak sales.

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