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Computing the outlook for restaurant tech

What’s ahead tech-wise for restaurants in 2012? Probably less of the pent-up demand they’ve borne in the years just prior, according to the National Restaurant Association.


The latest cleaning equipment

“Everything old is new again” is a saying that certainly holds true for today’s cleaning products. The latest items take established formulations and tweak them—technologically. The result: better sanitation, cost savings and reduced labor.

Menus are among the first things that a customer looks at when trying to decide which restaurant to visit. Restaurants with outdated menus on their websites—or even worse, no menus at all—take the risk of being passed over by would-be diners. Especially if the restaurant down the street has its menu online.

Breakfast emerged as the humble champion starting with the 2007 economic downturn, and it hasn’t stopped yet.

With speed of service emerging as a key consideration for Gen Xers, the chain is testing new cooking equipment and simplifying recipes.

*Tyson Foods, Inc., Springdale, AR, has signed a letter of intent to purchase a bacon processing facility in Omaha, NE, from Millard Refrigerated...

Starbucks has added its wireless web service to around 110 coffeehouses in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Wisconsin, the company said.

Yushchenko said he dismissed Petro Verbytskiy for not preventing and not being prepared to deal with the crisis. During a visit to the afflicted region this...

Over 100 years ago, when Restaurant Business magazine was founded as Soda Fountain News, signature soft drinks were the only kind around. Back then, the “soda jerk” was a carbonated confection artist similar to today’s coffeehouse baristas. They juggled jugs of syrups and jerked the handle (and thus the term) of the fountain to dispense soda water, mixing up “phosphates” right in the glass.

Of the drivers participating in the event, 27 had records of 1 million or more accident-free miles and five had records exceeding 2 million accident-free...

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