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Starbucks expands Wi-Fi in Midwest

Starbucks has added its wireless web service to around 110 coffeehouses in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, and Wisconsin, the company said.


Yushchenko said he dismissed Petro Verbytskiy for not preventing and not being prepared to deal with the crisis. During a visit to the afflicted region this...

Over 100 years ago, when Restaurant Business magazine was founded as Soda Fountain News, signature soft drinks were the only kind around. Back then, the “soda jerk” was a carbonated confection artist similar to today’s coffeehouse baristas. They juggled jugs of syrups and jerked the handle (and thus the term) of the fountain to dispense soda water, mixing up “phosphates” right in the glass.

Without a doubt, most sane as well as civic and business-minded people are concerned with protecting the environment not only for the benefit of the current...

Foodservice suppliers provide a look at products designed to make an operator’s job easier.

Looking at the most recent crop of new products, one thing seems clear: It’s no longer just about adding bells and whistles.

It's all about the heat. Today’s ranges—gas, electric or induction—can help you maximize energy dollars by heating more quickly and efficiently. If your range or cooktop needs replacing or you’re thinking of expanding your cooking choices, here are some options to consider.

WARRENVILLE, IL (Aug. 26) Cook’s Direct (www.cooksdirect.com), an online retailer of restaurant equipment and supplies, has announced a special buying...

When it comes to the big energy users in your kitchen, refrigerators are way up there. The average walk-in operates at full capacity 16 to 18 hours a day.

TJ Schier, the president of restaurant training consultancy Incentivize Solutions and co-founder of Which Wich quickservice sandwich franchisee S.M.A.R.T. Restaurant Group, has a very specific mission for his employees. Make the guests say “Wow!”

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