food costs

Game day

With venison, buffalo, and squab now offered on mainstream menus, fans are getting wild with their dinner orders.

Scoring points

How do you satisfy customer demands for healthy menu items, and keep your competition on the sidelines? Applebee’s Kurt Hankins scored big to win the dieter’s game.

Crap happens. Take a page from some savvy fellow operators and meet the challenges with our Survival Guide.

Up, up, and away. Beef prices. Cheese prices. Seafood, gas, insurance. Labor costs, as states from New York to Oregon—and many in between—prepare to hike minimum wage.

Figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirm the pain: beef prices dug an 11% deeper hole in operators' pockets in 2004 than they did a year ago.

HOUSTON - While its net earnings increased 8.2% to $225.9 million for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2005, Sysco Corp. here also announced that it...

When 12-year-old George Brown had his tonsils taken out, the first thing he wanted when he woke up was a Burgerville milkshake.

WASHINGTON, DC - The restaurant industry remained in a positive position in July, according to the latest results of the National Restaurant Association's...

We asked our readers to comment on the anti-obesity lawsuit law that was adopted by the House of Representatives, news of which appeared in the "Wellness...

NEW YORK - In a letter to the Agricultural Marketing Service of the Department of Agriculture in Washington, the foodservice distributors' trade organization...

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