food costs

The six dollar burger

A purposely misnamed burger has become the most successful new product introduction ever for CKE Restaurants' two hamburger chains.

Pennies from heaven

Little savings can add up. So can little ideas about how to save. Here are a couple of ideas about how to save some change here and there. Now watch that change add up.

Ross Kamens' skiing buddies are mad at him. Ever since he became the executive chef of a chain aiming to grow to 315 locations in the next five years, he just doesn't have time for the slopes anymore.

Any foodservice operation with a bar knows that it can be a challenge to keep beverage costs under control, and even more difficult to get to the root of the problem.

Food Distributors International (FDI), Falls Church, VA, has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to preserve many legitimate, off-invoice practices that food...

Sysco Corp., Houston, has reported a sales gain of 13.2 percent for its third fiscal quarter ended March 31, or $5.3 billion in business, as compared with...

The National Restaurant Association hailed the passage of the Bush tax plan as a "tremendous victory" for the foodservice industry.

Here are some important points about your next coupon or offer.

We think we're doing our employees a great favor by offering them free meals during their shift. But ask yourself... could I get excited about production leftovers, day-old menu items or a random assortment of low-cost like spaghetti or hamburgers?

How do you calculate food cost? Beginning Pork Chop inventory from January ($250) plus purchases over the course of the year ($5,000) minus current inventory ($300).

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