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Hunt for E. coli source narrows to ground beef

But federal officials say they are still unable to identify the source restaurants, supermarkets or suppliers.


Authorities say the source of a new E. coli outbreak is a mystery

Seventy-two people in five states have been sickened, but officials say there is no need for restaurants to drop any products.

But the research also verifies that there are still a significant amount of true sufferers at 26 million.

Federal authorities say new labels are being created to differentiate safe growing areas from regions that are still suspect.

The food safety watchdog is developing new labels to indicate when a source is beyond suspicion.

The food safety watchdog says romaine supplies may have been contaminated with E. coli.

Local and state health officials are looking into reports of 15 people who got sick after eating breakfast sandwiches at the restaurant.

The location, which reportedly sickened more than 600 people, had recently been cited for improper food temperatures.

A bacterium found in food left at improper temperatures is to blame for the recent outbreak that sickened nearly 700 in Ohio.

Samples have been sent to the CDC for further tests.