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More than 500 people now say they got sick at Chipotle

The number increased dramatically after initial reports of a possible outbreak over the weekend.


Source of McDonald’s cyclospora outbreak is found

Federal officials say 286 people were sickened by a salad blend from an Illinois-based supplier.

Digital orders surge nearly 60% thanks to a free guacamole offer.

The company’s stock fell 7% after people reported getting sick at a location in a Columbus suburb. The restaurant was set to reopen Tuesday.

A cattle rustling by one of Chick-fil-A's competitors was just one instance of operators pushing the traditional boundaries of the restaurant business this week.

The process works best at room temperature, which tends to be a food safety danger zone, Advice Guy says.

The chain is working with government officials to determine exactly which ingredients might have been contaminated with the parasite.

New research shows that restaurant customers may eat elsewhere because of employees’ dirty fingernails or uniforms.

More than 100 people have been stricken in Illinois and Iowa with symptoms caused by cyclospora.

What’s more likely to turn heads, the next chapter in Burgerville’s union dealings, or the fourth bun-related restaurant closure of the week? Check out these and the industry’s other jaw-dropping developments of recent days.

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