Wendy’s is making a big change to its tomatoes

The company plans to use tomatoes grown in greenhouses or hydroponic farms by 2019.


The 10 most alluring LTOs in May

Meat-heavy items ranked high among consumers, who revealed the limited-time offers they were most likely to purchase last month.

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Technomic research reveals the top flavors and ingredients in the salad bowl.

Spring is bringing a bounty of fresh ideas to the salad menu, despite the romaine lettuce scare.

This spring, chains such as Dunkin' Donuts and Chili's are promoting glaringly unhealthy dishes.

One out of every four orders included the LTO, which helped the chain compete in a tough market.

Operators are adding meatless burgers, noodle-less noodles and more to cater to growing preferences for healthy items.

Chains are exploring fresh categories and foods to meet the demand for anytime eating.

Changing tastes are driving more nuanced demands from pizza fans.